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Local water –
eco-friendly and responsible


Because its quality water is produced primarily in a preserved environment, Eau de Genval takes care of its territory The production site is located in Genval, in the heart of Brabant Ardennes. It is in this natural setting, between ancient forests and natural lakes, that this water of unsual purity is drawn.


Bottled in Belgium, the water is a local product that significantly reduces CO2 emissions related to transportation. Of course, its large format and innovative packaging are also synonymous with less waste for the planet.


At a production level, everything is designed to reduce the environmental footprint. (here link to section 2: BENEFITS), as demonstrated by the use of green energy and recyclable materials, but also via the photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the bottling site in Genval.


Finally, its innovative packaging and large format are designed to help you reduce your waste. When the bag is empty, it is easily removed, thereby separating cardboard and plastic for sorting.


Local and family economy


Eau de Genval has opted for responsible consumption. Indeed, the company Finest Globe Service that bottles and sells the water is a family business that puts people at the centre of its concerns. Fifty people work every day to ensure the quality of the product.

Experience of the pros
for individuals


Eau Genval is marketed by Finest Globe Services, a subsidiary of the John Martin Group, which has been located in Belgium for more than a hundred years.


Specializing for 15 years in the distribution of water to professionals, Finest Globe Service is the expert of the office fountain! The company delivers its products to more than 2,000 customers in Belgium. Every day, there are 100,000 people who drink the water.


This experience is now behind an innovative product, that is original and unique in the market.