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A source at home


With the bag in the box, you can forget bulky and polluting plastic bottles! Thanks to its innovative packaging, pure water gushes  freely in your home. Easy to transport, store, open and use, this 5-litre container protects the water's quality thanks to its airtight valve.



Completely fresh water
for the whole family


Eau de Genval is of the highest purity. It is 100% natural, without any chemical treatment – as pure and fresh as if you were drinking at the source. Light and delicate, with a naturally sweet taste, it will appeal to young and old alike.


Eau de Genval is very user friendly and therefore perfect for barbecues, birthday parties and all your evenings with friends!



Natural, clean water
of Belgian origin


Levied in the heart of Brabant Wallon and recognized for its extraordinary purity, Eau de Genval is respectful of nature,  andideal for the whole family!


Weakly mineralized, Eau de Genval is rich in trace elements and minerals, making it the ideal water for your family.


In addition, it contains no nitrites or nitrates, a unique feature! It is the exceptional purity of its water that has ensured the success of Genval les Bains for decades – it is so popular, its water is even used for care and spa treatments!


And it is in the beautiful scenery of the Lake Genval that John Martin's Château du Lac welcomes spa guests to allow them to enjoy the beneficial pleasures of its water.


Today, these benefits may be enjoyed at home,
through the 5-litre Eau Genval bag in a box